My day has ceased

So as my heart

Which beat for that one

Who no more is at the hour

Whom to blame and whom to believe

That one holding the casket of faith

Has fled as a flee


Now let him go

For worth of one cannot be taught

If the spark is there somewhere

Deep in his heart

Things surely won’t fall apart


This battle is a long run to win

We might get caught in the tests of life

But if understood carefully our sin

We would no more be a victim of the strife


Relationship keeps one at stake

Patience defines our faith

Little did we realise whoever is holding the hand

Is all we have got in grand


The worthlessness is keeping oneself apart

From the one whom we considered a part

Why can’t the boundaries be broken

Why not the bond more strong be woven


May be the other world waits for us

May be this departure is the welcoming in there


No more expectations would go in vain

There would be a meeting again.

Break the Silence and Say your way!


All of us have been taught since childhood to religiously follow the aphorism that says that a quiet person wins hundred hearts and quietness bears hundred pleasures. As a child, one is often asked to remain confined within the domains of nobility and cling to what is directed by the parents. But turning your backs on has simply put you in a quagmire of diffidence and withdrawn from bringing out the ‘real you’ hiding somewhere at the edge of your inner conscious. Your ideas will continue to be always governed by the statements that your parents channelize.

A quiet person is more dangerous than he who expresses his state through even either petty altercations or massive outbursts.  He might be objected to lower down his voice or criticized by the society for his audacity. But he is building for himself a well-marked zone of confidence. For instance, a thirteen years young teen would simply want to spend his time in loafing around with his friends, but if he is instructed to have his head buried in books and be a backroom boy; his inner conscious will urge his adrenal glands to flood the body with stress hormones and thus causing him to bear anger with silent pressure.

Of course, the science behind it spells out the cause of its eruption but the anger borne with silence is only causing a lifelong damage to the brain. It is instilling in him to remain quiet and accept suppression which by and by would lead to a grown-up impassive deadpan. He will continue to avoid social gatherings and withdraw from conversations for he would find his nutshell safer. This affects in the long run when more expressive candidates are picked for the job and your child remains in despair for not able to crack good opportunities.

Often do parents hustle every day to provide the best to their offsprings when children do not fetch expected results, they are importuned for doing better. We often observe that parents thrash upon their children when their academic results do not hit the mark.

‘Silence is gold’ till it doesn’t exploit your mind and on realizing that such expectations are affecting your conscious, take a step forward and make your silver speech turn into gold. It’s time to call the shots!

The Lost sight

My conviction has lost its pertinence
Probably it’ll help me sail through
But with no rising sun each day
This darkness has overshadowed my view

I may not live in carpe diem
I may not dispel the disgrace
But I gather the bitter pill
To think of future to embrace

Those little joys have curtailed
With everyday’s toil and fray
My petty delightful world’s vivacity
With its heart numbing dismay

But my little quay of life
Has its bank with tall secretive hedges
With its impervious strength to resist
I help myself to stray